About Me

Hello there!

I am Dhananjay Kulkarni. I have completed 3 decades on this planet earth as of 2014. I am computer software programmer by profession and loving to continue to do so. Deep in me lies a philosopher and hence this blog site. Below is short description about myself.

I am peaceful and peace loving person.

In my philosophy  “Every living being wants to achieve state of peace until and unless his sensory organs try to deviate him from doing so”. And may be that’s why meditation drives you to state of peace , as during meditation you try to concentrate to make sure all your sensory organs keep quiet doing nothing.

But sensory organs “doing nothing” is very ideal state which takes very hard work which is very difficult for common people as they have to go to office and have family etc. where your sensory organs will deviate you from achieving state of peace.  Meditation gives you peace in little quantity and for little time. But little is better than nothing so we do meditation.  More you do meditation more peace you will get.

So as I said I am peaceful person which means I continuously want to achieve state of peace but only difference between other peaceful persons and me would be I want to achieve this state in my conscious state.

Also I am peace loving person which means I would like others to achieve state of peace too.

Apart from it I love photography. I like to capture natural photos of human actions and photos with informative content and more than that I like to manage my captured photos. Thanks to https://photos.google.com , it made my life easy. I like driving on US roads, such an engineering work! I like to talk to people ,  watch nature’s documentary movies,  eat innovative recipes(thanks to my wife).  I have started answering philosophy related questions on quora , here is my profile- myQuoraPage

As a quick historic note about my past, I was born in Kanherwadi, Maharashtra (it’s in Osmanabad dist); I studied at JNV- Tuljapur , JNV Saradhana-UP, Savarkar college -Beed and finally  PVG COET -Pune  to finish my engineering BTech degree. Since 2005 I am working with Cognizant (commonly known as CTS) where I study and implement software technology into banking related websites and applications.

CTS is great (and giant ) consulting company which offers me a great place to work with it’s customers who are looking to solve their software related problems. I enjoy solving problems , and here I do exactly same using Microsoft tools such as .net , sql etc. I like to write programs in C# , SQL and occasionally J-Query.

Last note about myself  but most important of all , some time back I came across “Vipashyana” / “Vipassana” technique and working on the technique changed my life by great degree. It’s a technique to improve your consciousness and to me it’s the root of very life. Practicing this technique on daily basis helped me to improve my life. I am very thankful to persons from whom I got it introduced.

I think it’s enough about me to say it here , I will represent myself more in my blogs.

Thanks for visiting , please leave your comments.


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